Artist Statement


Over the years my approach to painting has taken on its own presence as a vocabulary independent of figurative imagery, becoming the visual expression of creative energy. For me, mark-making, rejecting, over-painting, scraping, scratching and burnishing the painted surface generates visual issues. Each painting emerges organically as I literally draw with paint. The initial random marks gel into clusters of rendered dilemmas, entanglements, melees of forms, that can be raw, disturbing, visceral, and universal, aimed at the collective unconscious. The finished work affords the observer an encounter with angst, and an opportunity to ponder life’s purpose. 

It is in this process of negotiating with the visual dissonance that I aspire, struggle, reconcile and proceed forward. Create then reject. Rebuild, reject then create again. The result is an approach to mark-making with acrylics and powdered pigment that visually resembles a cross between fresco and encaustic techniques. The process provides me with endless possibilities to explore, inexhaustible visual complications to resolve and limitless compositions to expose.

© Soteris Sam Roussi, 2017